Asset protection

The requirements that must cope with a business and / or a family of entrepreneurs are numerous and often involve a greater commitment in terms of time and money, resulting in opportunities for protection of achievement against third-party claims and / or guarantee balanced generational change.

It is therefore very important, in order to optimize their work, to rely on qualified professionals able to provide prompt, efficient and fast assistance.

The Firm assists punctually national and international companies as well as families of entrepreneurs by providing services tailored to different situations.

The service of Asset Protection is oriented to provide expert assistance in operations, including but not limited to, establishment of trust fund assets, contracts of enjoyment, recognition of foreclosures barrier, transcripts and registration of property, contributions in subjects abroad.

Our services can cover all aspects related to:

  • Tax compliance
  • Legal and Tax
  • Compliance with accounting related
  • Seal contacts with foreign correspondents
  • Setting up and maintaining corporate structures both in Italy and abroad
  • Headers trust

The Lombardi Firm will join the single customer with expertise and experience, providing expert advice.

The objective of the Firm is to provide a comprehensive service, tailored to the individual client, providing professional skills and high level of expertise


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