The Lombardi Associates Firm

The Lombardi Firm has its headquarters in the historic centre of Florence, in Via de' Banchi, n. 6, where in a professional and friendly working environment for over 30 years.

The Firm is composed by 5 accountants, one lawyer, and 4 staff people.

All of them have wide expertise in their field, gained through years of work together with our customers, assisted with professionalism and competence.

The clientele is very large and diverse, not only national but also international, divided between industrial and commercial companies and financial companies listed UIC, companies listed on regulated markets, banking and business families.

The Firm's philosophy

The Firm has acquired a solid experience in management, administration, accounting and tax for both the firm and the entrepreneur, boasting an area of excellence in the field of business consulting and management of bankruptcy proceedings.

The philosophy behind us is to provide a wide range of high professional quality services with particular attention to the specific needs of each customer.

The optimization of the internal work makes possible to deal effectively and quickly to any request.

Operationally, each professional is assigned an area of ​​specific activity, with direct supervision of a partner.

We can also count on a wide network of foreign direct countries, both EU and non-EU, to meet the need for trans-national nature of the clientele, putting in all our experience to follow and implement internationalization processes.

The firm participates in a duly authorized audit company, with whom he collaborated for revisions more challenging and a trust company duly authorized with whom he collaborated for the purpose of providing fiduciary services, family office and tools for the processing of any kind of contractual agreement.


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