Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions service provided by Lombardi Firm in Florence is designed to assist companies in all situations of merger, acquisition and sale of companies.

A complete service that takes advantage of highly qualified personnel, in particular the Lombardi Firm is able, even through foreign correspondents, to assist effectively in all cases of due diligence for accounting, tax and legal, in the assessments of the market price and in contractual assistance.




The main services offered:

Assistance in the execution of the sale and rental of company: these are two aspects that require a different approach to protect the interests of both the company and the workers. The Firm will be responsible for preparing the necessary documentation to ensure a speedy and fair procedure.

Assistance in carrying out transactions for the sale of units and shares and mergers and divisions: the Firm's professionals have in-depth expertise on all aspects of corporate reorganization in order to fully evaluate all the possible alternatives that the company will face to get the best results.

Assistance in the preparation of contracts: the Lombardi Firm provides business advisory services and assistance in the drafting and negotiation of various types of contracts including contracts such as:

  • Lease
  • Purchase and sale
  • Articles of association and / or associations and / or shareholders' agreements related
  • Private documents in general

A professional specialized of the Firm will support the individual client to ensure that the rights and interests are maximally protected in the preparation and drafting of the contract.


Management control & estimates

Have total control over the management of the business is crucial to plan the work and investment, promoting growth in time of the business idea.

In order to achieve concrete results, however, it is essential the detailed analysis of the situation and the careful and methodical evaluation of the various aspects that characterize it, collecting data, developing action plans targeted in relation to the target market and competition.

The Lombardi Firm offers cutting-edge tools and a high level of expertise to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in the optimal management of their business.

The various services provided are designed to embrace at 360 degrees all the needs of enterprises. In particular, we are specialized in the economic and financial audits of companies, identifying critical issues, estimates and assessments for both legal and private law addresses.

Below are the main services offered:

  • Reclassification of balance sheet data
  • Preparation of cash flow
  • Preparation of budget and / or business plan
  • The periodic inspection and testing of the projects developed by the firm



The Lombardi Firm also provides a service of qualified audit and in particular it is responsible for:

  • Conducting voluntary audits
  • Performing the functions of auditing for corporations
  • Mandatory audits (in collaboration with the external auditors participated in the study)

The audit is carried out with professionalism and speed, respecting the principal rules and analysing in detail all aspects in order to assess the true financial position.

The experience gained over the years in the service of national and international companies allows us to provide a timely and accurate assessment of each situation, accompanying the final report with data and detailed reports.

The Firm employs a well-trained team of professionals and foreign consultants, working actively alongside with national and international companies.


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