Insolvency procedures

The Lombardi Firm assists companies in crisis with expert advice and developing strategies in the accommodation debt.

Over time the Lombardi Firm has been able to treat many different situations, supporting professionally the Italian and foreign clients in the various aspects of the subject.

The services offered are geared to take all the necessary procedures to allow companies to emerge definitively from a critical situation and issues, with a particular attention to the responsibility of the administrative and control organs.

The Firm provides assistance to companies in the procedures of reorganization of debts courts, bankruptcy, including legal assistance in litigation stage, legal certification of restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

The high specialization of our lawyers can intervene effectively in every situation, by implementing the most appropriate modalities depending on the case.

In detail the services offered:

Accommodation for payable accounts, even contentious, with banks and / or third party creditors: the qualified professionals of the Firm will be able to identify the best solutions for the management of each situation.

Application for insolvency proceedings: the Firm handles bankruptcy, quote and bankruptcy arrangements with creditors, implementing all the commercial and legal procedures of the case.

Aware of the complexity of the matter and the difficult situation in which you can come to find the company, the Firm has in place the utmost professionalism of a versatile and motivated team.

To best meet the different requirements the Lombardi Firm is able to treat both the legal and accounting aspect that, following to the Client at every stage until the achievement of objectives.


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