The proper management of a company goes first by a total control over accounting and tax aspects.

Tax service, made available by the Lombardi Firm in Florence, covers all the activities that fall within the accounting, tax and contractual aspects.




In particular, the Firm is responsible for:

Assistance and advice in the field of VAT and direct taxes: the service includes the development of simplified accounting and ordinary, preparing tax returns and VAT.

Tax Assistance: scheduler service for the payment of expenses associated with the tax burdens that are imposed on undertakings. Through a careful analysis of the situation it will reduce the tax burden of each customer by enabling better management of capital and fostering growth.

Assistance during the pre-litigation and litigation: The Firm will assist the individual customer in the protection of its interests, dealing with the presentation and appeal of tax acts, tax rulings, tax litigation, assistance for assessments, accession procedures and mediation tax.

Before turning on any proceeding, our experts will evaluate each case carefully the individual position of each customer in order to verify whether or not to proceed.

Assistance in the presentation of such ruling with the Inland Revenue: the Firm will assist the individual client in the preparation and presentation of all the applications necessary for clarification on the tax laws to be applied in different cases.


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